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Tara Rowe

Julie, nice summary of the high and low points of Dirk's speech. I felt the dodging of issues (i.e. Medicaid, unfunded mandates specifically in education, and so on) was obvious and detracted from the high points like the awarding of Purple Hearts.

Listening to Gov. Kempthorne's approach to many important issues without an mention of how he will fund them made me hope even more for a little blue-shifting in the Gem State.

Brady is looking very good this evening.

Julie in Boise

Thanks, Tara. You know, I was thinking the same thing about Brady. Kempthorne is relatively moderate as Republicans go, so he's been a good (and much needed) balance to the overwhelmingly neanderthalish GOP legislature of the past seven years. What would happen in our state if we paired a reactionary, non-intellectual type like Butch Otter with a lopsided Republican legislative majority? I shudder to think.

Anyone seeking real balance in Idaho government needs to know that Jerry Brady is a far better choice than Butch Otter (and that we need more Ds in the legislature, obviously).


Do you know where I can find a transcript of the speech? I was actually at a civc association meeting tonight on the topic of a possible walmart supercenter in Moscow. As you can imagine, it ran long (and eventually it ran stupid). Anyway, I appreciate your run-down, but I'd be interested in the full text as well.


Sara --

Go here for the transcript:


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