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Courtesy of Red State Rebels and 43rd State Blues Idaho 1st Congressional District candidate Sheila Sorensen was one of the honorees Monday night at a Womens Campaign Fund event that featured a dozen swanky dinners all over New York City and a guest... [Read More]



Julie -

Sali's website has been hacked, and not only hacked but hacked by them damned 'fereigners' to boot.

I was looking for something about Bruce Newcomb verbally accosting Ms Swindell in his office - calling something she'd done as "bullshit" as she reported in an email sent out to supporters and "others" like me. :)

Julie in Boise

Re: Brandi, click my name. She has a foul mouth, too.


Oh now - see, the plot thickens.

I'm on Ms Brandi's email list and she sent out this report on her meeting with Mr. Newcomb and how HE swore at her.


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