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sharon fisher

The 't shirt' link goes to the Press Tribune abortion question. is that right?

sharon fisher

Jim Weatherby said something very important on the news programs today: Larry Grant *cannot* be a partisan Democrat in this race. If he forces the fact that he's a Democrat down people's throats, it's going to turn off Republicans. He *must* be able to build alliances with moderate Republicans who want a reasonable alternative to Sali, but he's not going to do it if he keeps reminding them he's a Democrat.

sharon fisher

Oh, one other thing -- I ran into Bill Sali and his wife on Friday night going to see the X-Men movie. Why is it not surprising that he goes to see a movie about government oppression?

It was pretty interesting, though. He was trying very hard to look invisible. I've never seen him do that before.

Julie Fanselow

I've fixed the link, Sharon. Thanks!

As for Sali at X-Men, I sure wish you could've reported they'd gone to see The DaVinci Code, but I am sure that's not going to happen. As it was, perhaps he was a bit nervous about seeing a film given a "caution" rating by the leading Christian movie review website. (Click my name.)

And Weatherby's right: Larry has a fine line to walk, and that line needs to run along the nonpartisan high road. He knows that the Democratic vote is secure, and we partsian Dems may need to occasionally remind ourselves that in order to win in a district that's elected Symms and Chenoweth, he must emphasize his bridge-building abilities.

Fortunately, for Larry, that's no stretch because that's exactly the sort of person he is. The fact he worked with a Republican administration to stop chip dumping - and the fact he's not a career politician - should help in this regard, too.


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