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Irwin Horowitz

Luna's "coziness" with the extreme wing of the GOP? He's practically sleeping with those folks! Anyone who runs for Superintendent of Public Education and supports teaching "intelligent design" in the public schools is someone to keep as far away from Idaho's children as possible! Let alone his ostrich-like stand on sex education (wants to bury his head in the ground).

Julie in Boise

Yes indeed. I am really surprised the Statesman is falling for him ... again. (They endorsed him over Steve Smylie in the primary, too, I think.)

Julie in Boise

Click my name for a Dan Popkey column from 2002 about why he was afraid of Tom Luna winning that year.

It's more evidence for questioning what has changed between the 2002 model and the 2006 model. I hope the Statesman gets a lot of letters challenging their pick on this one, and perhaps Popkey will wigh in again, too.

Steve Allen

The Idaho Statesman is a liberal leaning newspaper in a conservative state. It would look very obvious that they are bias if they unanimously endorsed every Democrat for state office.

They are in competion with the Press Tribune for morning readers and they do not want to lose subscribers and advertisers.

It's unfortunate that they are held hostage, yet the bottom line is most important to them.

That said, here are the candidates the Statesman will be endorsing in addition to LaRocco and Luna:

1) Jerry Brady for Governor
2) Larry Grant for 1st District
3) Mike Simpson for 2nd District
4) Wasden for Attorney General
5) Jackie Groves Twileger for Controllor

And most of the Democrats for the legislature.

Endoresments are great to have yet for the Dems to win we must get our troops out on the streets, and the phones ringing.

Julie in Boise

Interesting picks. I think you're probably right on 'em all. As long as we are handicapping, I predict the Statesman will also say:

No on Prop 1 (education funding)
No on Prop 2 (eminent domain/takings)
No on HJR 2 (marriage amendment)
No on the bogus tax shift "advisory" question


I wish people, and the Statesman, would give Jana more credit instead of just thinking she will keep the status quo.

And yes Julie, the Statesman did endorse Luna over Smylie, which is bizarre and scary.

Julie Fanselow

Steve Smylie would've been a very good superintendent of public ed, in my opinion. He was one of the few Republicans to buck Risch on the tax shift. Oh well ...

sharon fisher

Ran into a friend today who gave me a Jana sign for my yard!

Laurynda Williams

It really makes me mad when people say the Statesman is a "liberal" newspaper! Geez - it is just common sense to endorse Larry Grant over scary Sali.

Tom Luna has one item on his agenda - to demolish the public education system in Idaho. Jana Jones has the vision and the experience to run the Dept., even with all the yahoos that have been appointed to the state board. We need to do all we can to get Jana's name out there. I am counting on the parents that care to vote for Jana and help insure that Idaho's children get the education and future that they deserve.

Julie Fanselow

And I am counting on the voters of District 20 to have the good sense to elect Laurynda "Ryndy" Williams.

Gerry Sweet has got to go. You can do it, Meridian!


The owner of the company I work for came to Pocatello to meet with all of the Pocatello employees and told us all to vote for Jerry Brady.


I have been reading the Statesman's opinion section everyday for the last few weeks and some of their endorsements, especially for Republicans, almost seem as if they are really struggling to find something positive to write for the endorsement. Or like the people writing it were forced to endorse some of these candidates and didn't really care for them.

sharon fisher

Gerry Sweet was in JFAC last year and I can confirm that he missed a hell of a lot of sessions (and JFAC is an important committee that moves pretty quickly) and rarely had anything of substance to contribute.

I mean, aside from all the religious extremist nutjob aspects.


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