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They had a blurb about the visit on Twin Falls KMVT news last night.

Julie in Boise

I know several media outlets statewide carried the perfunctory AP story, but that was about it - and today's Statesman blurb didn't even mention what time tix would be available. Weak.

sharon fisher

The Statesman article indicated that Garrison Keillor was already booked into Taco Bell.

I'm wondering about the Egyptian, though....

Julie Fanselow

No, Keillor is booked into the Morrison Center.


Damnit, I even brushed my teeth before standing in that line!


Also, that link to 'The Statesman' isn't working.

Jill Kuraitis

We've got Jennifer Gelband's story up at http://www.newwest.net/index.php/city/main/C108/L108

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