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Jim Lyons

Seems as if the BSU leadership has taken the lesson of "thinking big" to heart -- wonder where that came from?

Julie in Boise


Right on!

Some may scoff, but I believe Bob Kustra when he says that BSU's footabll success is going to have other positive effects on the U, including academics.

And all of us - on campus and off - can benefit from the sort of flexible, creative, never-say-die thinking and action demonstrated by the Broncos last Monday.


politics is applesauce

very good news... thanks Julie

Jim Lyons

Julie --

I was half-way thinking of the chiding the other day from Red State Rebels when I asked my rhetorical question of "I wonder where that came from", but, like you, I was fully thinking Broncos. Maybe a bit of both???

Julie in Boise

Oh, I get it!

Hey, I never get credit for anything. I'm just a little ol' blogger.

But thanks anyway!


Great news! I'll gladly pay the five bucks for tickets. What would it mean for red state Idaho if Al Gore could sell out Taco Bell Arena?

Now if there were only a bus running that would get me to and from the venue....

Julie in Boise

Sell out the bell! Spread the word.

Seriously, if we get the arena even half full for this, it'd be great.

Everyone, tell your kids' science teachers to have them attend for extra credit.


What exactly is the Taco Bell Arena's capacity, anyways?

Julie Fanselow

About 12,000. ... ten times the SUB Ballroom.

David Erin Anthony

I stood in line and was fortunate enough to get the initial distrobution of tickets. I applaud BSU for taking the initiative and relocate the venue for Mr. Gore's visit. I was elated at the response for tickets. This is the positive response to battling the catastrophic effects of global warming we desparately need. Hopefully the statehouse and the Governor takes notice as well.

Julie Fanselow


I was especially impressed with the turnout considering the fact BSU won't be in session again until the week after next.

It's indeed good that out-of-town students won't return to find all the tickets taken.


sharon fisher

good call, Julie.

Meanwhile, I have a class that night. argh.

What I'd really love to do is take a copy of an article I wrote for Byte on the Internet from 1989, which featured a sidebar by then-unknown Al Gore, and see if he'd sign it. :)

David Erin Anthony

I wish I still had my Al Gore for President, 1988, yard sign. I wish people would see him for who he really is. He has the passion and the devotion to be a great President. He also has the integrity I cannot say holds true for many other candidates out there right now.

Julie in Boise


A class at BSU? Maybe the prof will cancel it so people can hear Gore and discuss his ideas in the next class. Seriously. No matter what the field, what could be more important?

Thatis a great story about the 1989 article. But as David points out, Gore wasn't exactly unknown in 1989 after his '88 run for president. Bruce Babbitt was my fave that year. Somewhere around here, I think I have a tape of the seven Dems in a debate. Yes, the seven dwarves, they were often called. Anyone care to name them without looking it up? Not sure I could at this point. Babbitt, Gore, Dukakis, Paul Simon (he was cool, too!), uh, uh ...

Julie in Boise

From Wikipedia. I guess there were more than seven! How could I forget Joe Biden or Gary Hart?! (This is even more embarrassing since I was wire editor of a newspaper at the time ...)

I thought Jesse Jackson ran as an independent. That must have been in '84.

Bruce E. Babbitt, former governor from Arizona
Joseph R. Biden Jr., U.S. senator from Delaware
Michael S. Dukakis, governor of Massachusetts
Richard A. "Dick" Gephardt, U.S. representative from Missouri
Albert A. Gore Jr., U.S. senator from Tennessee
Gary W. Hart, former U.S. senator from Colorado
the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, civil rights activist
Patricia Schroeder, U.S. representative from Colorado
Paul M. Simon, U.S. senator from Illinois

Guess who was among those seeking the GOP nomination that year? One Donald Rumsfeld ...

sharon fisher

Julie, I did ask the professor about that, and he sounded wistful about it himself, and I basically did more or less get permission to skip the class if I wanted to, but it's the first class of the semester, I'll be taking three classes this semester, and I dunno, as a graduate assistant I guess I sort of feel the need to set a good example. :) I do plan to attend as much of the Frank Church conference as I am able and perhaps I'll run into him there.

On the other hand, as a GA, it's also not out of the question that I'll be called into service to help or something. :) so who knows.


I'd miss the class....Al Gore doesn't show up in Idaho very often.... I guess it's always a matter of priorities....If I had the money and time, I'd be there, but I feel I must commit that time and money to the Frank Church Banquet in March....

Julie in Boise

IR, if you are down here for the Frank Church weekend, please be sure to introduce yourself! I don't think we've met in person.

We had a bloggers' breakfast that weekend last year. We'll probably try and manage that (or something!) this year, too.

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