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She's holding SB1056 hostage in the Loc. Gov. committee. That's the bill that allows those who are affected by CAFO's to comment at public hearings.

Alma Hasse of ICARE brought it to my attention this morning and I've updated a post with some contact info. Click my name for the link.

Max  Casebeau


(we get out to all the schools everywhere)
and Alma Hasse is one of my best friends !

Maxie Casebear

Julie in Boise

MG, thanks for the link. Everyone, write Barrett and Denney and tell Barrett that she MUST give a hearing to SB 1056.


She's doing exactly what leadership in the House wants her to do. I'll write her but it'll be beating my head against the wall. We need to amass the droves of backward decisions by this session in preparation for the Democratic sweep in 08. Her district has major ranching interests involved. As you can see she could give a damn about anyone outside her district. I'd be holding her pigeonholing this popular bill against leadership and her party cause she obviously doesn't care what the rest of the state wants.

Julie in Boise

The Sunday Idaho Statesman has two interesting items of note: a Page 1 story on frustrated GOP moderates and Kevin Richert's column on Barrett and this bill. Click my name for the latter (which appeared earlier in the week on Richert's blog).

Here's the page 1 piece on the tyranny of the CAVE dwellers (which the conservative majority disputes, natch):


I wonder if some of these disgruntled moderates would consider simply running as Democrats next time? Their party has left them. Ours is a big tent. It's time to move Idaho forward, and the CAVE dwellers aren't gonna do it, so we need to overwhelm them.

sharon fisher

An interesting thing left out of that modererate story is that when Denney and Deal were running for Speaker, I swear that they quoted Denney saying there wouldn't be any reprisals against people who supported Deal.

Diana Rowe Pauls

Gee, guess Denney lied...

He's getting foes fired and friends hired... click my name...

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