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W. Lane Startin

This guy sounds a lot like, well, me. The pro-liberty wing of the Republican Party may not be dead in Idaho, but it's definitely on life support.

Julie in Boise

I expect him to be branded a RINO.

Lane, I think we are ALL pro liberty, but that means vastly different things to different people. I'll be eager to see how you flesh out that phrase, but I think the concept of liberty is much messier for federal candidates.


What I meant by that is he seems to have a a more libertarian bent, which is where I'm coming from as well.


Oop, Salisbury wants to keep the military in Iraq. Too bad. We need someone who has better than a second-grade understanding of foreign policy.


Speaking of libertarian, think he's more along the line of Ron Paul?

Has anyone noticed the Ron Paul vote signs plastered around town?

Freeway blogging might be just around the corner then![i]

Julie Fanselow

Yes, TONS of Ron Paul signs. Someone's been busy.

And like I said, what is liberty when it comes to foreign policy (or domestic, for that matter)? Is it going into huge debt to bring other nations "democracy" when we can't meet our own needs?

Is it neglecting oil-poor nations beset by genocide to focus on a region that has never been able to solve its own problems?

Is it letting the vice president get away with setting up a shadow government?

Is it neglecting public needs like education, transit, and tax relief for the truly needy to give huge tax breaks to corporations to get them to invest in our state, only to see them screw hundreds of Idaho employees and expand overseas?

Is it voting against restrictions on cockfighting and dogfighting?

Is it one person driving his or her SUV 40 miles roundtrip to work each day while our air quality drops into non-attainment?

Yep, I'm feeling a little cranky right now!

W. Lane Startin

Ron Paul is this cycle's version of Jerry Brown. His supporters are few, but very hard-core. Personally I find him a bit extreme.

When I refer to myself as "libertarian," I don't mean the Ayn Rand-quoting, tax-protesting, post office-bashing type of libertarian, which is why I'm somewhat loathe to use the term.

What I mean is to keep government out of people's bedrooms like Salisbury wants, but also to pursue intelligent taxation policy (which the Idaho Legislature does anything but), a good education system tailored to individual needs instead of arbitrary test scores, public trust in fields like day care, decent infrastructure, and openness in government in general.

Butch Otter is supposed to be "libertarian." How's he doing on all this? Not too well if you ask me ...

Michael Strickland

If there is a positive flip side to Idaho's extremists, it is that they are incapable of hiding their hate. They leave it out in the open for all to see.

Check out the story:

"Racial Threats cause Boise State star Ian Johnson to hire wedding security," ... at:

No need to try to convince me that "all is OK in Idaho. That racial stuff was in the past. What are you black people complaining about?"

Best of luck to Larry LaRocco. We need new voices in Boise.

-- Michael

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