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October 31, 2007


I got mine. Sirota ought to be a great speaker for providing some red meat for us starved Boise masses.

Me too. Sisyphus, I will be at one of the District 17 tables, so be sure you say hi, OK?


I await the report. $60 is too steep.

I appreciate David's analysis. I visited with him at the "Take America Back" conference in June and have e-mailed several times about coming to Idaho (Until recently, he lived in Montana). Let's make sure he sees the richness of our progressive roots and hears about the successes we've had so he can be an advocate for Idaho on the national scene.

$60 is steep in a one-time shot. Perhaps the county party will give folks the option to attend if they sign up for the pledge fund. Give $10 per month and your $60 is covered in six months, in time to help local candidates as their campaigns gear up. I've been giving monthly through the Ada Democrat's pledge fund since, I believe, the Reagan administration...

In any case, give what you can to candidates and parties of your choice AND give to organizations that support public financing of elections so that candidates are not forced to be dependent on massive private financing efforts to answer the call for public service.

Amen to everything Jim said.

$60 is a lot. I wish they had a "living lightly" ticket. That said, I budgeted for this, and it's not a LOT more than a special evening out elsewhere - dinner and a show, for example. And I am confident that Sirota will put on a show.

I'm on the monthly pledge fund, too: for the county, state, and national Dems, plus United Action for Idaho (go Jim!) and Democracy for America. Not to mention my church! I just think of it as my "liberal tithe," and I know it is all money well invested.

Not trying to sound TOO paranoid here - am I being chastened because I think $60 is too steep because I don't have $60 to spare so I can attend.

Here's my story: I am a one income household. I got laid off just over two years ago. I had another job within three months within the same profession at $16000 less per year. Not $1600, $16,000. When you're earning $40,000 annually, taking a cut of $16,000 is a chunk. Now if I could just get the cats to find a job, we'd be a three-person income household!

This is one of those situations where I think Democrats fail rather miserably in connecting with people. It's enough that the Republicans blame people for not having tremendous earning power without getting battered from the Democrats as well.


Your situation is exactly why I think the Dems ought to offer a limited number of "living lightly" tickets to these events.

My family had a 18-month spell when we first moved to Boise when we were in similar straits. I definitely sympathize.


Kitt, I totally agree. Please come as my guest. Everyone should come who wants to come. David Sirota is a good speaker. The local party has a lot to celebrate with 1/2 of the legislative seats in Ada County but has a lot of work to do to recruit and run candidates in the other half. Everyone has something to offer to help achieve that goal.

If you hear of others who would like to come but are concerned about the cost, have them contact me or any current or former Democratic legislator. We will all make sure everyone who wants to come is able to come. We'll also encourage folks to volunteer for all kinds of upcoming activities, too!

There is another great event to put on your calendar on January 11th - the 10th Annual Progressive Celebration and Awards Dinner. Funds are being raised now to make sure everyone who wants to come is able to come even if the $30 cost is too much. It is not a partisan event and will feature an amazing national speaker: William McNary of USAction.

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