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October 04, 2007


Yet another example of FUD - Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt, the standard operating procedure as outlined in the "Karl Rove playbook of dirty tricks and ostrich feathers" (for burying their heads in the ground).

I mean, the man's greatest claim to fame is being an absolute idiot, so we really shouldn't be all that surprised by the drivel he spews forth in defense of a position that is indefensible.

I sincerely hope that Larry Grant or Rand Lewis (whichever ends up running next year) makes as much political hay out of this vote as possible.

Excellent post, Tara. The override vote will be on October 18th so now is the time to contact Bill Sali's office and to tell everyone you know to do the same. Call, fax a letter and visit his office personally. Too much is at stake for the health of kids in this country to let a minority of members of congress kill SCHIP.

Sali's offices:
Boise Office
802 W Bannock, Ste 101
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 336-9831
(208) 336-9891 (fax)

Caldwell Office
704 Blaine St, Ste 1
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
(208) 454-5602
(208) 454-5618 (fax)

Coeur d' Alene Office
610 W Hubbard, Ste 206
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho 83814
(208) 667-0127
(208) 667-0310 (fax)

Lewiston Office
313 D Street, Ste 104
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
(208) 743-1388
(208) 743-0299 (fax)

Jim: close - I'm actually Sara :)

You didn't address the fact that the healthcare covers families earning up to $80K ... I had heard over $60K ... More than just Sali is saying it, it's easy enough to check so don't call it propaganda. A program like this is needed, but it should NOT be expanded to families 300% -- or whatever -- above poverty line. It needs to be re-written. If you don't believe that companies would cancel their employees' healthcare when it becomes available by the gov't think again. You are niave if you think the gov't can provide all without a bigger price to pay. Expanding this program is a step nearer to gov't run healthcare for all, and we do not want to go there. I've lived it in the UK and it is not as nice as Michael Moore wants you to believe (talk about propaganda). Things like this are very complex, there is no clear black and white, but you are trying to make it so. BTW if any of you Sali haters bothered to understand economics, you'd see that Sali makes a lot of sense most of the time. Most of the people I've found who criticize him are pretty ignorant of the concepts he uses to make his decisions.

Sharon, the poverty level is the same in Manhattan as it is in Bovill, ID. A family making $30K/year in Bovill isn't going to need the assistance with basic needs that someone in Manhattan (or San Francisco or Atlanta, or Newark) is going to need. If the poverty level were tied to cost-of-living, then states wouldn't have to ask for the waiver to extend the ceiling of coverage upwards so that people who can't afford health care for their children will have access to it. As it is, the $80K figure is based on the highest request for a waiver, not the highest waiver given

And if you haven't noticed, there are plenty of companies that either make it impossible for employees to access health care through company programs through high employee contributions or only hiring part-time workers, or have already done away with health care for their employees. So clearly private insurance through employers isn't a system that is working for low-income people. And to a parent of a sick kid, being able to afford care or not being able to is pretty black and white.

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