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November 13, 2007


FYI, we mentioned Kelly's bill in an editorial a few days ago.

Here's a link:


Mentioned? How about endorsing the idea, Kevin?

It is standard practice for private companies to require high level employees to sign "non-compete" clauses so they won't turn around and enrich another company with the skills and insider relationships their old company paid for. We are the employers of public officials and ought to demand the same. Those high level elected and appointed officials may serve us well while they are on the public payroll, but we also invested in developing their skills and their insider relationships, so we are entitled not to have them enrich another employer (invariably a corporation or lobbying group) immediately after leaving our employment. A year is too short. The cooling off period should mirror the term of office they or their boss had. (i.e. 2 years for legislators, 4 years for governors, county commissioners, etc...)

Kevin, thanks for the link. Jim, the editorial says the bill "is up to the people," but I got the feeling reading it that the Statesman likes the idea. We'll see how it fares in the lopsided legislature.

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