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January 17, 2008


He's A-MAY-ZING and would never praise Reagan. ;)

JDem, we were talking with an Elko man who said The Star is a noted GOP hangout. The hecklers were all back in the dining room, while the Edwards crowd was in the bar and lobby. But the diners were in earshot of Edwards, so they were happy to give him a hard time. He handled it well. He sort of jerked his head bacl toward the dining room at the first catcall, then ignored them.

I was surprised to learn that John Edwards is a little guy, about 5'6". He looks taller on TV. :) But somehow, that fits with his style.

I am reflecting this morning that pretty much everything I've heard JRE say in the past year, he said last night. He packed a lot of content - both policy and "this is personal to me" - into 15 minutes or so of talking. I would've enjoyed a bit more new material, but then again, probably 95 percent of these folks haven't been tuned in to hear him say these things dozens of times.

Since you've been watching candidates closely these past months, which candidate - GOP or Dem - would you say mixes up his or her stump speeches the most?

Envy, envy.

Great opportunity. You got the fix. Now tell us why Elko. Makes no sense to the rest of us either.

Why Elko? It seems that after Vegas and Reno, this is considered the third media market. In some cases - Edwards and Clinton included - it's their first trip, and people feel they basically HAD to come here at some point.

Tara and I just went to hear Mitt Romney. I think she's blogging about it now. I have to do some work, then I'll add to my diary. But on our way back, we saw Obama supporters doing visibility at a downtown intersection. We had a cup of coffee, then saw the Clinton supporters had replaced them.

I think more than we are all confused with 'why Elko?' the people of Elko are absolutely baffled. They just don't seem to know what to think with the circus in town!

I've written a nonpartisan take on our adventures at my day job blog. Click my name.

Hey Julie,

I've heard all of the candidates, most of whom multiple times. With that said, I'm a better expert on the Republicans because I've attended about 100 Republican presidential candidate events in the last 2 months.

They all stick to their stump speech pretty well and really only change it up if they are in a venue that calls for such, or if the town hall/event is designed for one issue in particular (for instance I attended a Hillary event that was just about energy).

Mitt has changed his stump speech the most and now uses the "change" theme. McCain sticks to his the best (spending, spending, spending).

Hillary does a bit of general stuff (change, new ideas, no more Bush) with some specific policy ideas. Barack is like 98% hope and change with very few specifics, if any. JRE is mixes it up pretty well. Stories, policies, general ideas, etc. But I'm biased!

Actually Julie, you would be incorrect in your assumption that Obama gets the second choice of JRE supporters. Hill gets the most, then Obama.

Julie- Your take on electability is right on. I'm out and about among the soccer moms and the indies and moderate Rs among them are excited about Obama. They are very negative about Hilary. Fair or not, the GOP did an excellent job of negative branding on her. Obama is more electable. His message is resonating with the wider audience. And, personally, I think he'll do a better job simply because he'll be able to win in November with a wider margin. That makes the Rs more cautious about their obstructionist tactics and vicious attacks. A tight race, which I think would happen with Hilary, would mean another four years of bitterness...and I see the public (not the activists) but the public who never pay attention until elections are right on us are fatigued by all of the sniping....

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