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February 29, 2008


That was a pretty astonishing admission on his part. I was surprised to read it.

I've just expanded a bit on this at Daily Kos. Click my name (and please rec if you are a Kossack).

I'm not that astonished myself. Otter is a Big Government Republican, period. He portrays himself as a libertarian maverick, or something. Maybe he was in the 70s, but he's definitely not one today. I took him to task on this (see http://www.43rdstateblues.com/?q=node/3430 and http://www.43rdstateblues.com/?q=node/3463 ). I intend do that more.

Instead of raising automobile registration fees, how about doing something that actually saves money first, like privatizing the liquor industry in Idaho? Note to Lenore Hardy Barrett and others: the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary is a STATE-RUN INDUSTRY, just like in "old Russia." Yet you people have voted for it, repeatedly.

Adam Graham kind of echoed those sentiments. In all seriousness, if he ever came to the realization that family values are far too important to impose government regulation on, Graham would make a halfway decent classical liberal.

Julie, I'll go rec you and post to Kos as well.

Thanks, Lane.

The interesting thing about the flat fee is that DFM went before JFAC at the beginning of the session and talked about all these innovative things they were going to do with registration fees, and now that's all gone.

Great DKos piece Julie. The summary of the problems for the Republicans in Idaho is spot on.

Serephin writes at 43SB that this is the first banquet sell-out in 20 years. Yet another good sign for Idaho Dems.

Twenty years ago, we had a Dem gov (Cece), one Democratic congressman (Stallings), and we were getting set to elect another in two years (LaRocco).

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