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February 21, 2008


Glad to see Larry is hitting Risch on the sales tax. One can't overstate how much that point needs to be made.

Welcome to RSR, Will. We look forward to many more updates from the LaRocco campaign in the months to come.

Larry seems to be hitting all the right notes. Risch promised to take the tax off groceries when he weasled through his 20 percent tax hike two summers ago. He hasn't.

Larry is showing a deep desire to understand working people's lives. This election will pit a business-as-usual Republican against a proven pro in Congress. (LaRocco won every county in the 1st CD for his second term in the House, despite Bill Clinton's lack of support in Idaho that year.)

The Tester endorsement is a coup as well. Tester knows how to win in the West. Congrats!!!

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