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February 28, 2008


Meanwhile, in Virginia, women who have miscarriages may be charged with a felony:


I don't think Autumn handled it that badly and I'm sort of sorry that Planned Parenthood bought into the interpretation so completely. Until the person got into the last line, it sounded like someone who wanted to donate to specifically help women of color, which PP does a lot of because it's women of color who *need* its help the most.

Then you get to the last sentence and it becomes obvious what the person is driving at and what do you say? She's "excited"? I bet she was. 'Jesus Christ, how do I handle this loonytunes, and oh my God, isn't the rest of the staff going to have a kick out of this one, but let me make sure I understand what they're saying clearly.'

Which is where the transcript cuts off; I'm curious as to what was said after that.

When people hear something completely shocking, especially when they're in customer service and are trained to be polite, they don't always know how to respond. I once got a live worm in a salad and took it to the server, and said "I don't think this is supposed to be in my salad." She looked a little sick and said, "I'll check." Now, do I honestly think she was going to check to see whether live worms were being added to salads? Of course not. But she was startled.

I'd like to see someone call up the Republican Party and offer a big donation based on whether it will be 'used to benefit white people and fight all those illegal immigrants.' I bet they'd snap it up.

As far as the library books, whatever happened to the conservative view that parents should be able to make decisions for their children rather than having the state do it?

I was just reading that article about Planned Parenthood... I have to say - that the way the call was placed - I am sure the woman who took it was thrown off. It simply shows the extra training that is needed to deal with all types of folks.

The reality is a donation to help a young black woman in Idaho, probably could be used in a POSITIVE way. I have fund-raised for many non-profits and people have many reasons for giving. To be full on honest - I do not always agree with why people give, BUT have taken money and let it do good work. And people often want to ear mark donations to ONLY education no political stuff, or only children etc.

Now would I take hate money and lift up a hate group or hate speech no - BUT is it that back and white, not often in the grey world I am afraid.

Again I think some training on what people really do and then what the "i can catch you being bad morons" perpetrate is needed. But frankly how much extra time and money any non profit has for such is minimal.

and to Otter -- shakes head -- hello NO that is too much for too many families


what did happen at the library vote? or was that not last night??

i am baffled often at how we have the same moron issues over and over, hello check your calender it is 2008 ... sigh I think I need breakfast and less computer time ...


Last night while touching bases with my blogging buds, someone alerted me to the PPAI story at Huckleberries Online. I didn't realize the Statesman was on it, so to speak.

This is my take: She used her best feminine (little girl) voice to talk to him, totally misunderstood what he wanted in the beginning and then I think it dawned on her perhaps later. I think she assumed he was going to HELP women of color obtain services in the name of his newborn son.

Savvy; she has none. I talked to two board members this morning. Maybe it comes with the background we have in fighting for reproductive rights in this state that this person and some of those at PPAI do not have. While employed at PPAI, we were instructed in how to handle various calls: bomb threats, idiots calling, etc. You don't keep idiots on the phone...once she got the real gist - down goes the phone.

I have the conversation via a You Tube produced by 'The Advocate' as well. The woman from Ohio, her response was more hardened.

FWIW I make the case that PPI was entrapped if you'll click my name. Wordsmith, do you know accurately what happened after the transcript ends? Was money accepted and was it earmarked?

Excellent point on the Republican party Sharon.

Oh, Sisyphus! You bet Planned Parenthood was ensnared. That's what I allude to when saying Ms Kersey used her nicest feminine voice; she wasn't concentrating on the caller's words.

Hell, yeah - it was entrapment.

[Was money accepted and was it earmarked?] Do you mean, did actual MONEY change hands? No.

Do you know what happened after the end of the transcript? Did she hang up? She seemed accomodating like I would expect from any fundraiser. But did she express objection to what the caller was saying? Details would be greatly appreciated if they are available.

I spoke to Cherie Buckner-Webb, who I've known since my days at PPAI. She was president of the Board of Directors at PPAI. (Disclaimer: We just hooked up again last year.)

The transcript and even the You Tube are gross misrepresentations. NOW I FEEL really stoopid!

I need to mellow out some, christofriday.

I should also state, I don't know any of the current employees at PPAI. I do know a couple of the board members.

I'd like to get Cherie's confirmation to use her name first because I state anything unequivocally.


If it's a misrepresentation, why did they apologize?

Also, as far as the Virginia law earlier -- I talked to one guy today who said, well, it's only if they cause a miscarriage. Well, swell. Do you want to be the woman who, having just suffered a miscarriage, has to *prove* that she had a "real" miscarriage?

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