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March 04, 2008


When I turned Red State Rebels into a multiauthor blog last fall, I was hoping something like this might happen: that I'd pull it up and be surprised once in a while.

Chairman Roark, your comments are always welcome here. I thank Tara for posting them, but I will send you a TypePad invitation so you can do it yourself next time.

Thank you for better helping explain the rationale for the banquet, for responding to some of the criticisms seen here and (mostly) elsewhere, and for your interest in the blogosphere. John Foster has done a lot to raise awareness of what we're doing here in the netroots, and we hope that you and his successor and the rest of the IDP and DNC-Idaho staff will do much more in the future. (They are all welcome to post here, too.) I believe that with strong working ties between the netroots and the grassroots ,the Idaho Democratic Party will become better organized, more responsive, more fun ... oh, and win more elections.

Aside to Tara: I hope it won't be lost on anyone that a twenty-something activist posted this on the chairman's behalf.

Yeah, well I'm simply honored that Mr. Roark would entrust me with this.

Roark shows signs of a personality and wit. Interesting...Maybe there is hope.

"negative and positive comments have been copied down and added to my notebook for future events."

N.B. Be sure to spit in their salmon next time.


Seriously, thanks for the explanation.

As I commented on 43SB, while there weren't a lot of youth there, it's better than it was. I attended the Frank Church (then called the Jefferson-Jackson Banquet) in the early and mid 90s as a college student. You want to talk about outliers, as an 18-year-old at the 1992 event I was clearly one.

When I was part of the Democratic organization at Idaho State University, I was the sole representative at the banquets. This year I saw no less than five current ISU students there.

One other thing that should be mentioned is that the unions are known to provide tickets for young people. A union got me in the door one year back in the day, and I overheard a current college student thanking a union member for his ticket over the weekend.

The UTU bought the ISU College Dems a table last year, to which we were very grateful as it allowed some College Dems and non-college Dems from Bannock County to attend.

The ISU College Dems have been able to maintain a good relationship with the UTU and we appreciate their generosity immensely.

The UTU Bought the ISU College Democrat table again this year and bought us breakfast. We talked to them quite a bit about how we can get more involved in the union movement and how the unions can get involved with young dems. It was a wonderful experience and I very much appreciate the work of our local UTU.

UTU is a great organization. All the best to George Millward.

... and the rest of UTU. Cut myself off. Oops.

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