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April 07, 2008


I understand that PrideDepot.com has a story on their take regarding the Idaho Statesman's award for coverage of the Craig story. I haven't read it yet, but a friend told me to hop to it, so I am heading there right now. From what I remember about their past posts, they were not terribly happy with the Statesman's investigative tactics. Think they were the ones that first noted that Popkey was showing Craig's picture around gay bars in D.C.
Pretty classy journalism there Dan.

Click my name for the PrideDepot piece. It's actually pretty mild - and they say The Hill originally broke the story. It was Roll Call.

Even second place (i.e., a nomination) is better than Popkey or the Statesman deserve to be credited with. For all appearances, they did a lackluster job researching this, then nervously sat on their softpedaled findings until they had no choice but to publish.

d2, I'm not sure the "Breaking News" category was the best for this (since blogger Mike Rogers originally outed Craig and Roll Call broke the news of the arrest).

But as someone with a journalism degree, I think the Statesman did the right thing - albeit painfully - in sitting on its story until the arrest became public. (Of course, the real untold story remains this: Who alerted Roll Call, weeks after the airport arrest, to the story?) They showed appropriate restraint, then they provided excellent coverage of the resignation-un-resignation story as well as good (and loudly condemned) background reporting on why someone like Craig might want to keep his sexuality a secret.

Think back to last September, when this story was atop the news for weeks. Faced with a chorus of late-night TV jokes, the Statesman stayed on top of the Craig saga as a news story, not a spectacle. They did their job in following what was probably the biggest story in Idaho political history. I believe the Pulitzer judges made the right call.

Disclosure: I am married to a copy editor at the Statesman.

Disclosure noted, we won't hold that against you ;)


Thanks for pointing out the REAL untold story in the Larry Craig saga...it's a point I've been making online for the past few months.

I would still like to know the role played by the Lt. Gov. or those in his inner circle, in the outing to Roll Call.

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