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April 18, 2008


OMG! She said "dammit". How very un-Canadian of you.

Must just be spring fever. But I really am riled that some folks insist the economy is just fine and dandy when signs abound to the contrary

Maybe she isn't Canadian after all...

Here's some more info from Sue Chew about her campaign kickoff today (Sunday 1 to 4, noted above). Sounds nice!

"Raffles and a silent auction promise great opportunities for you to find something special and support Representative Chew at the same time. Local artists have donated several pieces as a way of contributing to Representative Chew's campaign. Among the artwork is a framed picture by the late Bob LeBow donated by his widow, Gail LeBow. Bob LeBow is recognized annually at a fundraiser for the Terry Reilly clinics. The photograph is of the Oregon Coast and will be raffled-off at the event.
In addition to this work, local artist Zella Bardsley, a metals and mixed media artist represented by ten Pacific Northwest galleries has donated a piece for the silent auction. Several other local artists, including mosaic artist Reham Aarti Jacobsen, of Mosaic Essentials, and Sean Haggerty, a stained glass artist, have donated beautiful pieces for the event. Come support Sue Chew and the many artists who have generously donated to her campaign!

"Entertainment will be provided by Boise's Drum and Dance Collective. Free energy efficient light-bulbs will be given out, ice-cream, coffee and hot chocolate (Donated by Lucy's) will be provided, and Edward's Greenhouse items are available for purchase. This promises to be a great Boise based Earth Day event. We can't wait to see you there!"

To anyone who went to Edwards Greenhouse on Saturday, I apologize! The event is Sunday, April 20.

I moved to Idaho 20 years ago. The first thing I noticed was that you couldn't talk about evolution, astronomy or geology with someone getting offended. I later discovered that they still believe in Adam and Eve and Talking snakes here.

I went around looking for someone to have an intelligent conversation with. After 20 years and three different Idaho towns, I'm still looking.

I while back I decided to move to The Orofino, Kamiah area. I found a job there working as a psychotherapist for some Mormons. I knew they believed in Magic Underwear, working their way to Godhood, and tons of other bull. But, hey, they were college educated. After a short time they figured out I wasn't into Bill O Reilly and Shawn Hanity and I knew Brigham Young was a polygamist and a Racist, so they started spying on me. The hooked into my office and listened to my sessions without informing my clients. They used a Mormon co-worker's religion to blackmail him against me after listing to what he said about them in my office over their.

I quit and went to work for another company. They were criminals and they were defrauding the feds and the state for thousands every year.

So I went to work for another company. They offered me 50K a year salary. Then after they hired me. They cut it by 40% - It was bait-and- switch.

I tried to get a job with Health and Welfare and I found out that all of the prisons that hire therapists, all of the public agencies like Health and Welfare are tied into a social web that goes through the churches and non-profits and they all scratch each other's backs because most of the money here comes from welfare or social security because almost nobody works unless it is for the government - and they all hate the government. So I guess they hate themselves - and they should.

Anyway, I have to keep working for "Bait-and-Switch Industries," I can't get a government job because the people who work for them are all in collusion and they won't hire me because they believe I'm a maverick who won't stay, and wont do everything he is told even if it is illegal or unethical. I'm not related to anyone here and you have to be related or a 30 year resident. You have to be a fundamentalist. You have to be a republican or you can just forget about paying your bills. If you stay, you end up on social security disability and welfare and food stamps, going to Aryan militia meetings, beating your wife and sexually abusing you kids - just like your neighbors.

But for now I'm stuck here, poor, demoralized, degraded , trying to move to Oregon, Costa Rica, California, or damn Brazil or anything - I don't care. just anywhere where these religious, NAZI, clones from hell are not.

Finally, I've been a social and environmental activist all my life. Idaho can't be changed and if you try, you will be destroyed. Don't bother; If you are progressive, move to a progressve state and let Idaho rot. Better Idaho than you


I've lived in Idaho almost as long as you, and I definitely sympathize with much of what you are saying.

The thing is, when we moved here in the late 1980s, Idaho still had a Democratic governor and - for a brief time - two Dems in Congress (LaRocco and Stallings).

I believe the tide may be turning again, finally.

Also, it matters where in Idaho you live. There are pockets of progressivism here, including the state's largest city. But I've even met some progressive folks in the Kamiah-Orofino area.

I won't deny that it's much, much tougher to be a progressive in Idaho (even in Boise) than it is in Portland or Seattle or even Montana (where they currently enjoy a Dem-led government). But I don't think this state will be run by the good old boys forever.

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