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May 22, 2008


oh i am glad you put this here! i saw it on the online statesman a bit ago and laughed so hard

it's a classic

me thinks, jon stewart and steven colbert will gte more "footage" out of this on their shows


Well, Sisyphus beat me to it at 43SB, but I have the photo!

In more serious (and somewhat surprising) news, it appears both Larry Craig and Mike Crapo broke with the White House to pass the new GI Bill today. John McCain failed to show up to vote.


If you come up to Spokane for a game, be aware that the stadium is aligned non-traditionally: when you buy your tickets ask for the first base lane, which is the shady side. The visitors' dugout is along the third base line, though, so if you're in town to cheer for the Hawks, be prepared to brave the sun.

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