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May 27, 2008


Phew! Just got off work. Great to see Debbie won. Hooray!

I'm curious as to whether or not there was a very good turnout for Democrats in comparison to previous years.

Hey Reggie ... I am just about ready to sign off. Overall turnout was about 30 percent, which is about what was expected. Obviously, the GOP ballot drew more action than the Dem side statewide, but Dems polled strong in many areas. As noted above, the best news may be how some of the most conservative Republican state lawmakers are losing, which could either indicate some Dem crossover or (more likely) that Idaho Republicans are turning away from their extremist elements.

And people say there's no Democrats in Kuna.

In an election year and a district with no contested Democratic primaries, I got 852 votes, for 15% of the total. My Democratic challenger compatriot in District 21, received a similar number and proportion.

The two multi-term incumbents barely held on -- and a challenger upset my opponent, John Vander Woude of Nampa, a one-term incumbent. So now instead of running against an incumbent, I'm in the odd position of being the more experienced candidate, due to my background with the Legislature.

Obviously some people in District 21 are ready for a change. I just need to make sure it's in my direction. :)

Go, Sharon! I am very excited about your race, and it was great talking to you about it last night. Be sure to let us know when your ActBlue page goes live.

wow I am seeing in the Statesman ...
Early polling results show only about 15 percent of Idaho's registered voters showed up for the primary election in what could be the lowest recorded turnout in a state primary contest since the 1970s.


I am surprised!


If that's true, it's really pathetic.

The Statesman also made a good case in its editorial today for moving the primary to the third Tuesday in May rather than the fourth. Holding an election the day after Memorial Day is just asking for low turnout.

On the plus side, I think people also stayed away (especially on the Dem side) because the presidential nominations have been settled. They'll be back in droves for November, when Idahoans will have a real chance to help change the country's direction from fear and war to hope and cooperation.

Sorry to see Thayn squeaked through after all.

When will they post the official results?

The Secretary of State website has all the results, though they're still labeled "unofficial." Click my name or below.


Aye, Steven Thayn's win in his three-way race was a disappointment, but there is a Dem - Bob Solomon - waiting to take him on this fall.


Again, you simply have to figure that Thayn is NOT representative of the good people of the Emmett and Middleton area. He got 38 percent.

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