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May 12, 2008



Your endorsement is wonderful news for all of us who have supported Senator Obama in Idaho.

I have been volunteering since last summer for Idahoans for Obama and was part of CampObama and the grassroots campaign.

I,too, am very excited about the future of the Dems in Idaho. How wonderful to have more support for our state and our candidates.

Your commnents echo my thoughts on the tough struggle Dems have had in Idaho and the West. I think some of the supporters of HRC forget the damage Bill Clinton's actions did to our efforts to grow our party in 2000 and 2004.

Thank you for all your efforts and for fighting for funding for Id Dems
Dixie Siegel
Twin Falls Campaign Captain

Your endorsement of Senator Obama is great news for Idaho and our nation. My husband and I truly believe that Senator Obama is the person who can lead our nation back to greatness.
The fact that he has committed resources to Idaho speaks to his re-building our nation from the "inside out."
Thank you for your efforts and we will work very hard to make Idaho stronger and very Democratic!!!!
Deborah Dane

Dixie and Deborah,

It's great to hear from around the state as we celebrate this news. Thanks for all of your efforts in the Magic Valley. Having lived there 15 years, I am sure that Obama will do well there this fall, just as he will do well in every part of Idaho. We are in for an exciting year!

Julie F.

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