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May 30, 2008


I will try to make time to hear Michelle O's comments --- but I agree with the italics you added below...

It is kinda the same point of the not enough security at early events, how about instead accepting it is part of the BIGGER BUSH series of lies that we do NOT live in a country where we have to have fear around every damn corner.

We do not have to be on alert all of the time, and color code it etc...

shakes head -- cause it annoys me....

Sadly too many have bought in, that refused to even discuss the issue then, instead acting like bushites saying you are unpatriotic, and why would you want to tell people about safety breaches etc...

As to being in a parade "and not acting gay" (keeping in mind I lived in the magic valley for a long time) I recall many floats with rainbows.. . I had no idea I was being asked to embrace my sexuality! I thought it was the back drop for the princess floats, and seems one year for Camp Fire Kids and such.

Anyway I think a great Community Float Theme is


Julie I couldn't locate any contact info for Think Boise First. Do you know who I should get a hold of to join?

Mmmm, as I said .. it's a rudimentary website - with no contact info!

Here's the steering committee


If you know any of these folks, I'm sure they can help. Or try info@thinkboisefirst.org, though I am not positive they're checking that. (I tried a while back.)

Still, I very much like the idea, and there are cool folks involved.

T, thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, I've been to a few Western Days parades myself and I am SURE I saw rainbows!! I like your idea for a theme.

Michelle O has spoken out about the role of fear for many months ... I remember watching an excellent video of her (and Barack) at a Women for Obama meeting many months ago. But her words certainly gained new poignancy last week after the RFK comment from Sen Clinton.

Honestly I think the only "fears" raised by the comment were from media hype - and not from thinking folks....


Well, I believe what she is usually alluding to is the culture of fear that's blanketed the nation since 9/11 and especially since the Bush admin used that fear to start its adventure in Iraq.

But unfortunately, Sen Clinton has shown she'd perpetuate that culture of fear as well - which is what makes Obama such a clear choice in this election.

I'd love to know more about the precinct level elections on the Republican side. I heard a news report on the Ron Paul results that included an interview with spokesman Ryan Davidson. Ryan is a local Libertarian and also headed up the marijuana initiatives in Hailey. He mentioned that 30% of the precinct positions were taken by Paul supporters. For the Republicans, the precinct rep is also the convention delegate. Ryan is promising to make noise at the convention, and judging from the crowd behind him, they'll be able to deliver on that.

There were many challenges to incumbents on that level, with mixed results. Sharon Ullman, for example, won her primary for the county commissioner's seat, but lost at the precinct level. Since the ballot does not list the incumbent, there are only a few of those races where I know the incumbent is out. If anyone else has thoughts on this, please share.

And, perhaps the Twin Falls group should dress in gray suits and tap dance though the parade.

It would be GREAT to see the Paul people make big noise at the convention, effectively splitting the party in thirds (or at least 25-40-35) between the moderates, the Paul people, and the theocrats.

I honestly don't know how the GOP can survive with the vast intraparty ideological divisions they have.

Here's the Ada County results, in case anyone cares to peruse them for clues:


Dem races are listed first, then GOP.

I'm fearful that third party groups won't have the money needed to run ads. Especially since Axelrod reiterated that they want money coming to Obama's campaign, not third party groups.

I think Axelrod was talking about 527s. Unless I'm mistaken.

I'm honestly hoping Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party will act as this cycle's Ross Perot.

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