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June 05, 2008


I cannot overemphasize the importance of today's vote. Dave Olivera at HBO (click my name to get to the post) wrote: "As I see it, this may be the single worst vote of Sali's short congressional career.

Right-o, John. It's embarrassing to be sure, and I am sure this has Northern Idahoans in particular absolutely livid. Here's hoping they take that outrage all the way to the polls in November.

I just checked the roll call vote and Simpson also voted against this good bill.

Julie, thanks for pointing out the Huffington Post article. It's a good read.

Good call, Debbie. This bill would've helped northern Idaho timber communities more than those in the 2nd District, but Simpson's vote was wrong nonetheless. (Most of the GOP voted against it.)

Colleen, that article made my day if not my year. (Belated thanks to Chuck Oxley of the IDP for sending it along.) It's great to know that the 2006 Grant campaign still resonates, all the way to Obama HQ no less. Ah well ... here's hoping that Walt Minnick, building on what we started, can get the job done this fall.

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