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July 28, 2008


This looks great TJ. Glad to see you leading the charge of organizing the veteran vote! I plan to be there. I am both the daughter and granddaughter of veterans. They protect us both here and abroad, and we owe them no less here at home. That is one of the many reasons why I support Barack Obama.

I'll be there too; I'm not a veteran for Obama (yet), but I'll certainly be interested to see how much energy there is at the gathering. (My wife, who is a veteran's wife for Obama, will be there as well.)

I just got back from the event; I'd say there were over 150 highly energized people there. It was great hearing from Larry LaRocco and especially Gov. Andrus. T.J. did a great job putting everything together; he did us District 20 Dems proud! Only problem I noted was John Greenfield saying that Abraham Lincoln had no military experience prior to being elected President (he was a Captain in the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War: http://www.il.ngb.army.mil/museum/HistPeople/Lincoln.htm ), but this small inaccuracy was vastly overshadowed by seeing the former head of Sen. Clinton's Idaho organization come out so strongly for Sen. Obama.

I'm still not supporting Sen. Obama for President, but I could see myself switching my vote is Sen. McCain continues running an inappropriately negative campaign.

Bubblehead, thanks for your report. I'm shortly putting up a slide show (tonight) and a write-up Friday morning, so I hope you can report your comment there. Thanks!

And thanks for getting a head count. I was guessing 100+, anyway. Did you get in the veterans' photo we took at the end?

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