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August 27, 2008


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Julie, you are awesome! You have documented so much of what happened at the Convention and I have been directing everyone to RSR for the latest on Convention events. Julian is having an awesome time and had his pic taken with Kucinich today! And he finally met Jill! Great job and thank you very much from a blogger that just doesn't have the time to even come close to the great service you provide all of us in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Thank you!

Dang, I posted that comment with my foodie url, yet I meant it to be IdahoRocks. Oh well, que sera, sera...

Thanks very much, Linda aka IdahoRocks. I've been having a blast watching from afar this week, though tonight I will very much wish I could be in Denver!

Julian is making memories for a lifetime, and I am sure he is making great connections, too.

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