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August 21, 2008


Julie, you have stealth elections for school board so that people "in the know" control the process. It's on its face a mockery of Democracy to hold an election in September.

The media faciliates this by not reporting on it. The board of trustees controls a budge of $20 million and is chosen by 2-3% of the population of the city.

Adam, this is obviously one of those rare things you and I agree on. I am a strong supporter of public education, but the public is being kept out of the process when seats go uncontested and policies go unchecked.


You're certainly right in your philosophy on this -- the election most assuredly needs to be better publicized, better scheduled, and better attended -- but you're off by an order of magnitude on your budget number; ISDBC's budget for this school year is $201 million, certainly a number that should generate additional interest!

That said, I'd appreciate your vote and those of your readers; several of the parents whose efforts ultimately led to my candidacy are from your side of the aisle. Fundamentally, this election to me is about supporting things that you generally seem to be in-line with: breadth of offerings, protection of personal freedom, and prioritizing children and their families.

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