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August 29, 2008


Won't you Anti-Sali Socialists be surprised when RINO McCain comes out with the only choice that will truly Lock Up The Base and guarantee the election result: Bill Sali, Hero of the Owyhees. Remember, you heard it here first. ( http://billsalifan.blogspot.com/2008/08/obvious-choice-bill-sali-for-vice.html )

Wow. That's the dumbest thing I've read today. What I'm hearing this morning is that Sarah Palin from Alaska will be the pick.

So Tim, you don't think Bill Sali would lock down the conservative base for McCain? :)

Sarah Palin. Now, if it was Michael Palin, maybe ...

My only reaction to that (other than "who?") would be that he's pandering to try and retain the few Hillary Clinton supporters who insist they're going to vote for McCain.

Yeah, right. Sarah Palin has a girl's name, so he'll get laughed at just like the guy in "My Name is Sue" by Johnny Cash.

Michael Palin? He's not even a citizen! That just shows how much you Anti-Sali Socialists know! (On the other hand, the strong morals he showed as Sir Galahad in resisting the peril of the girl's school would appeal to all Patriotic Americans.)

Gov Palin is still in Alaska, ABC reports.


And they say Obama is young and inexperienced? Palin is 44 and a first-term gov in Alaska. But check it out: She was born in Idaho and is a Vandal. (And yes, BSF, Sarah is indeed a "she.")


I am still pulling for Joe Lieberman.

Yeah, right. Just goes to show what you Anti-Sali Socialists know; the Founding Fathers never envisioned a woman as Governor of Alaska, and the people of Alaska are known to be manly men who love the Constitution and the Founders -- just like Bill Sali.

Wow it will be interesting to see if all the rumors are true and she IS the pick --- gotta admit I never saw that one coming....


She's the one. I'm not even sure McCain saw it coming.

ROFL Julie knowing you -- I could hear your voice saying that as I read that .... and girl I have to admit you are probably correct.


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