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August 29, 2008


laughs and being as I am a goober! I totally posted my weekend answer in the thread below -- duh!
so I will also get some sleep!

I am hosting my first National tele-seminar on wellness tomorrow and I am excited (info by clicking my name if anyone is interested). Also I have taken a job for some extra cash, and will be working 3 hours tomorrow -- still working at home so can not complain.

And planning to honor summer a bit with some kinda break outside, before it is too late!

And still trying to get over the fact that as a woman, the GOP thinks I should be happy about mcsames vp choice. I am thankful that there are people that get I deserve more then nonsense, and pandering.


Good morning everyone!!! I know it's been some time since I posted. But greetings from the Keystone state!!! I thought I would pass along an interesting story....

cnn.com is has as its lead story regarding a "raid" on a group planning on protesting the RNC in Minneapolis. Reports indicate as many as 30 officers, firearms drawn, entered the facility. Now, what makes this strange...they had a search warrent but won't release what they were searching for. They did not arrest or detain anyone. They did not remove anything from the property. What did they do? They PHOTOGRAPHED everyone present at the location.
Now, go to cnn headline news on TV. Guess what story is not listed AT ALL!?!?? You guessed it....things that make you go huh!?!?

hmmm that is interesting ....


ok I found a link not sure how long it is good --

Police raided a rental hall used by a group organizing protests at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Friday.

The RNC Welcoming Committee, which describes itself as "anarchist/anti-authoritarian," accused St. Paul police of trying to disrupt their protest planned for Monday, the day the GOP convention is set to begin.

While no one was arrested, the group said police temporarily detained and photographed at least 50 people who were inside the building.

St. Paul Police spokesman Tom Walsh said they were executing a search warrant.

"The cause for the search warrant is not public at this time," Walsh said.

As many as 30 police officers entered with guns drawn, according to witnesses in the building.

"The convergence center is simply a gathering place and is not used for illegal actions -- it is a place for workshops and trainings," a statement from the protest group said. "Tonight, we were watching films and sharing food."

"We are now accused of a simple fire code violation," the statement said.

Oddie Miller, a 19-year-old from Fort Collins, Colorado, said it was "just a space to get food, free Internet, community organization."

"There were no bombs or anything in there," Miller said.

Hi David ... really good to hear from you! Have you started your new teaching job? Are you happy to be living in a "battleground" state?!

The Twin Cities is an absolute hotbed of alternative media. Here's one good site to keep an eye on these next six days:


At 2 p.m. Saturday, I see there are several stories about this weekend's raids, of which there have been several, not just at the anarchists' HQ but at a group called Food Not Bombs and the Wellness Center in St. Paul. And a TCDP writer said on his blog today:

"As I write this, the precise authority under which members of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department participated in raids of houses and private buildings in St. Paul and Minneapolis this weekend is unclear to me. I have heard from a very harried friend at the National Lawyers Guild that the break-ins and arrests of RNC protestors took place under the auspices of the Secret Service and Justice Department – apparently FBI members participated in the raids.

"But under whatever authority and in the name of whatever statutes – at this point, the cause for detentions in Minneapolis has been given as 'conspiracy to commit riot,' as flimsy and ad hoc a rationale as the infinitely elastic 'Homeland Security Offense' listed on a police report to justify the detention in Minneapolis of independent journalists earlier last week which resulted in the seizure of their equipment and personal belongings – it should be obvious that concerns about this country turning into a police state, a corporation-friendly fascist nation like Singapore or the People’s Republic of China, are greatly misplaced. There’s no need to worry about this happening in the United States.

"It already has."

His whole post is here:


The Republicans certainly chose an interesting place to have their convention, probably one of the most liberal - if not radical - cities in the country. The potential for confrontation is much higher than what the Dems had in Denver (a few angry PUMAs notwithstanding). Add Gustav and a wild card VP pick to the mix, and it could be a week of discontent for the GOP.

But then, Republicans have a way of bringing fear and cynicism wherever they go, while trying to cloak their intent in soothing fibbery. How ironic is it that the theme for Thursday's final night at the RNC convention will be "peace"? Who are they trying to kid: this party that abandoned the search for Osama bin Laden to start a unilateral war of choice in the Middle East, this party that's been agitating to spread the war on terror to Iran (and whose nominee jokes about "bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran"), and this party that has fomented class division with its economic philosophy of "I've got mine. Good luck to you, bud."

Hey Julie. I summarized some issues Republicans should take into consideration before proclaiming Palin's Idaho pedigree. Click my name.

That is a nice wrap up, sisyphus, I will point folks there to get a look :)


Thanks, Sis. I've cited both your excellent roundup and one from MoveOn in a new post.

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