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August 05, 2008


I love that Scott Logan's monitor was propped up on a phone book. That visual says just as much as the story about the power of the Internet ...

Yeah, when our new phone book arrived last week, I put it right into the recycling box.

I loved even more how the monitor was displaying this very blog (with your post, John).

Ha-ha! All you Anti-Sali Socialists will be sorry now that Bill Sali has his own Official Campaign blog! ( http://billsali08.blogspot.com/ )
You won't stand a chance in arguing with his impeccable logic and accounting skills!

Hi BSF. Well, well ... an official Sali blog. I went over to congratulate him. Thanks for the tip.

It's strange -- Julie's Socialistic comment got approved, but my Patriotic Pro-Sali comment didn't. I bet some Socialist at the internet company stole my comment!

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