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August 05, 2008


It goes without saying that Jim Risch would continue to ignore even the traditional media if we bloggers weren't pressuring him into being a little more accessible.

Also, Larry LaRocco will be doing his second Daily Kos diary is a week midday tomorrow, before his ride-along with Moscow police. It'll be his 12th appearance at DailyKos.

Julie, I was waiting for you to weigh in on this. Your understanding of blogs and bloggers is something I've always appreciated. Whatever Jim Risch wants to call us, he's going to have to admit at some point that we are a force. I say 'we' meaning all Idaho blogs, conservative or liberal, satirical or serious.

Tara, that's the point I tried to make during my brief interview for TV tonight, too. We're a growing force. Some politicians appreciate that; others resist it, but at this point, they ignore us at their peril.

Update from my comment above: Larry LaRocco will be at Kos from noon to 1 Pacific on Wednesday ... 1 to 2 Mountain.

Anyone see the KBCI story? I thought it was pretty well done. Aside to Jill: It was interesting that they used your quote about bloggers being amateur writers without journalism degrees who write for free - then they interviewed me (pro writer since the 1980s, BSJ from Ohio University, neither of which I mentioned, of course).

But most bloggers do fit that description, so no worries.

And I think the piece made Risch look pretty silly for his bluster over bloggers.

Jill notes in an email that she followed up her comment about "amateur writers" with praise for the excellent writing throughout Idaho's blue blogosphere, but that the comment wound up on the cutting-room floor.

That's TV news for you! This was still good PR for us and for our growing presence.

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