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September 02, 2008


Jeff, thanks for this reminder. I'll be voting for you and for Nancy later today.

And for anyone wanting a little more info on the candidates, the Statesman had this over the weekend:


I especially like this answer from Jeff, to the question: "Why do you want to serve on the board?"

"I'm a product of the Boise schools; I enjoyed great success while in the Boise schools, and it was the quality of the Boise schools that drew me back when it became time to enroll my own daughter. I want to support the broadest scope of program offerings possible throughout the district, protect the personal freedoms of students and teachers, and align the district with the values that all working families should earn a living wage and have health coverage."

I also believe his math and science background would make Jeff a great asset to the board as we strive to keep Boise schools competitive and help our kids prepare for the jobs and challenges of our new century.

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