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September 24, 2008


I wonder if McCain will remember how to get around DC when he returns, since he hasn't been around there to perform his duties as a Senator and vote for nearly six months!

He had the GOP nomination locked up back in March and didn't start the general campaign until summer, but he still failed to appear for any vote in DC since April 08. Obama has also missed a number of votes, but he at least has done his job a few times since the last time McCain did his job.


DailyKos front-pager Hunter has posted a diary on McCain's recent voting record in the Senate:

I hope he can still find the Capitol building.

Hey, if McCain doesn't want to show up Friday night, maybe the networks will give Obama two hours of unfettered access during prime time to make his case to the public for the economy and health care and Iraq and energy policy and ...

I can dream, can't I?

Sign this petition:


Reggie, that's funny! And thanks for letting me know about the Facebook group, too. I think three of the first five members were from Idaho, and now it's up to 100 members about an hour later. w00t!

Well I think it needs to be reported that one of the candidates who hopes to be the leader of the country, believes in his ability to handle more then one thing at a time. (obama)

The other, believes that he can really only focus on one thing at a time. (mcsame)

One candidate understands he is applying for a high pressure job, that will provide him with more then one thing at a time; and will not be convenient. (obama)

The other thinks it might be more important to tell America that he is going to go think about what is best, and doesn't have time for the process of the people he wants to represent. (mcsame)

So AGAIN there is a huge difference in the two people that vie for one position. Clearly out there for everyone to see.

Change in the white house? (obama)
or more of the same? (mcsame)


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