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November 04, 2008


I'm technically not supposed to be here ... but thanks, theresa and all, for your posts over the past month. Have a great Election Day and yes, please do share your stories about voting and about the results.

I am psyched that Obama won Dixville Notch, NH, by a landslide, 15-6, the first Democrat since 1968 to win in the place the polls open first.

Walt, A.K. and Denali Minnick went to the polls together this morning with grandson Zach. Click my name to see a photo.

shhh we never saw you ;)

Yes that was nice -- and the Steelers won last night, so that is said to mean that Obama will win today.

Thanks for sharing that picture John! I think they will be smiling well into tomorrow.


Projection in of Pennsylvania, going for Obama!

That was a state of major efforts on both sides, and hopefully a sign of what is to come.


NBC calls it for Obama, now let's see how our local friends do as the #'s come in.

As of 9:18 MST, with 35 of 956 precincts reporting (plus early voting) Walt Minnick is up 28,561 (54%) to 24,119 (46%) for Bill Sali.

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I finally really, really believe it! This morning when I woke up and turned on the TV and saw that I didn’t dream it and it wasn’t taken away from us…Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

I didn’t celebrate until the networks called it for Obama when the West Coast was in. I remembered, too well, 2000, 2004, and the morning after Bobby Kennedy won in California and the shock of his assassination. My political conscience (and perhaps my career as an underdog) started back in 1964 when my best friend grabbed the JFK button I had found on the playground from me and stomped on it. I was 9 or 10, but even then this budding blue girl felt the weight of conservative Southern Baptist friend’s fear of change.

Change has got over-used and banalized during this election cycle, but hope for this gets me up every morning. The most heartening moment is this victory is best stated in these

in the story of Eugene Robinson, Washington Post/MSNBC’s, and his elderly parents who finally saw the end of Jim Crow and dreams come true for their son. Eugene once stated that Obama’s greatest ally and his own was “lack of expectations for a Black man.”

in the tears of former young Peace Corp worker, who cried back in August in Elko when we first saw Obama. She knows full well the graciousness and love of the beautiful Black people in Granada.

in the hopes of the first Latina Twin Falls city councilwoman, Gloria Galant, for Hispanics to keep running for office and winning in Twin Falls.

in the persistence of our local Democrats and candidates in the face of long odds and
little money.

in the sanity of General Colin Powell that, I feel, put the breaks on a campaign of hate
gone wild and reminded us that all Americans, Muslims included, have fought and died for this Country.

in the vindication of all of the local doctors, lawyers, business owners, workers, and union members that risked their careers and profits to back an unlikely candidate in one of the reddest states in the Union.

in the expectations of “no limitations” on my friend Angie’s children and my own biracial grandchildren.

in the possibilities of political careers for the young adults, like Matt, Steve, and Perry, who saw what hard-work, organization, and persistence brings.

in the wisdom of the elderly who sought redemption and peace in this election of a person of color.

in the relief in those volunteers and supporters who experienced racism, vandalism, and
hate especially our dear friends, the Flores.

in the joy and awe in the faces of every race, gender, and sexual orientation in Hyde Park where I once saw cops beating hippies with Billy clubs at the Chicago Convention.

What I want now is for the graciousness of McCain’s concession and Obama’s reconciliatory mood with the Republicans last night to permeate this Country and drown out those who booed, ranted, and hated on our airwaves and blogs on the Left and the Right. I want Obama’s appeal to our “better angels” to be carried out in a renewed, vision of united Americans that come to the middle to get things done. We all need to “pull up sic [our collective] pants” and get going because we have a lot of work to do.

Finally!! they are calling it for Minnick!

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