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December 11, 2008


Great post, DL. I see the gov's office is backpedaling furiously to say, "No, we really DO want the money."


Why do you think republicans got us into this mess? It was Clinton and his administration that demanded that home ownership go from 60% of the country to 75%. The only way to do that was to institute sub-prime lending. Not to mention that Alan Greenspan was the Fed Chairman during the Clinton administration. Mr. Greenspan set the Feds Fund Rate to 1% during the Clinton administration stemming many an investor to go outside of treasury bills and into securitized mortgages.

True, Bush did rack up 1 trillion on deficit from the Iraq War...but the problem with jobs and houses started with Clinton.

I voted for Obama...I'm glad he won...but at least I know the facts before I go blaming an entire political party for a 'National' Crisis. It's both parties fault.

Clinton Administration - http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/hotproperty/archives/2008/02/clintons_drive.html

Credit Crisis Visualized - http://vimeo.com/3261363

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