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Sharon in Idaho

I totally agree with you on why Dean is going to be attractive out here; that's the big reason I picked him as a plausible candidate. Great idea for a blog!


Actually, Dean came to Utah twice, but not since the spring. He has 2 cousins here that are lobbying him to stop here again.

hope he does. I can't wait to see him in person. I don't have the $$ to travel to Boise or Vegas.


Julie in Idaho

Bob, thanks for correcting me on that.

I'm sure Dean will do really well in Utah, and I hope he returns (because I'd probably drive down to see him if I-84 was clear!).

Dean seems to me to be much more internationally minded than Bush, and I'd think that will play well in Utah, since many LDS people also have the experience of living abroad. I read recently that Dean has been to some 55 countries in his life.

Bush, by contrast, had little interest in the rest of the world until after he became president, and it seems he still has very little understanding.

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