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Sharon in Idaho

Kennedy's funeral is the first memory I have to which I can place a date -- I was not quite four (and I was *pissed* that my normal cartoons weren't on).

I wonder how well Kennedy would have survived in this political climate, though, with his medical problems and his womanizing and so on -- plus the accusation of dirty tricks involved his election.

But yes -- my understanding is that his Presidency was a time of hope, and there hasn't been a lot of that since then.

Julie Fanselow


Re: Your comment about being pissed about JFK's death preempting cartoons ... I hadn't thought about it since, but I had the same reaction one night when Spiro Agnew as VP was giving some sort of important speech and I went ballistic because it was preempting "Batman" or something!

(I cannot imagine what Agnew was doing, giving a speech. It seems VPs didn't do much of anything in those days ... unlike the puppetmaster we have in that role now.)

Anyway, I vaguely remember my Mom and/or Dad explaining to me that whatever he was saying was very important. It made an impression on me, and shortly after that was when I started getting interested in government and politics. (I volunteered for my first campaign at about 13, about the same time I was *totally* into the Watergate hearings. Yeah, I was a pretty weird kid.)

I agree with you that JFK's personal life would have been a far greater liability these days than in 1960-1963.

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