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I get to be the first ever to comment on RSR? Cooooollll!

Way to go Julie! Perfect name for the blog, perfect timing for its creation. You are, without a doubt, the hardest-working Deaniac in the Intermountain region! Wiith fighters like you, we Dems and Indies and Greens and true Republicans (not those wingnut wackjobs who've hijacked the GOP) can put the Gem State, and our beloved country, back on track.

Big, BIG cheers and huzzahs to you!


What a great idea for a blog! I may live in a blue state, but here in Eastern Washington, we know what goes into being a red state rebel.

Deb4Dean in Idaho

Don't be so sure our Mountain West Red States can never go Blue. There have been strong Democrats here in Idaho in the past. There are thousands who routinely ignore their right to vote. I am astounded here in North Idaho to listen to Republican's rail against Bush. Greens are considering the Dem candidates. In this election, there is every possiblity that Idaho could go blue.

Sharon in Idaho

Yeah, I agree. We have a fiscally conservative candidate in Dean who supports states' rights for gun control. It could happen.


Congrats on your new blog! Hey, does anybody watch "NOW with Bill Moyers" on PBS? Go to http://www.pbs.org/now to check it out. This program, more than any other, features the issues that we are so passionate about. (Income equality, job loss, health care, republican cronies benefitting from the reconstruction of Irag...)Last night, I learned more about the recent corporate stock manipulation scandals (WorldCom, Enron, etc.) and their genesis. Our "red" states could go blue if more people would tune in to this program. Encourage your friends and family to watch this program! Once they see what is really happening in this country, they'll become alarmed and start asking questions! And that, my friend, is when we can point them to Dean.


You have hit the nail on the head and I would be happy to be a charter member of the RED STATE REBELS...might we look forward to the day when we can find the release for the stranglehold Simpson and Craig have on the electorate here in Idaho.

There is some hope for Otter...he sponsored an amendment repealing portions of the Patriot (BIG BROTHER) Act and..initially voted against the Medicare (GET THE SENIORS) vote...Unfortunately he caved in......alas.........

Julie Fanselow

Thanks to everyone for your support. Nice to see some familiar blog names on here!

Bill Moyers ... wouldn't it be great if he and thoughtful people like him were able to get audiences as big as (or bigger than) Rush and Fox News? I'm not a big TV person, but I will check out his show. I know he is a man of ideas.

Bye Bye, I, too, have admired Butch Otter for his stand against the so-called Patriot Act. That's an issue on which many of us - Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents - can find commom ground. As I mentioned in my Kennedy post above, I would love to live in a country where we spent more time finding commonality than sniping at one another (and staging overnight filibusters that do little but waste our money).

Julie Fanselow

Thank you for your posts, GD Liberal!

And thank goodness for privacy in the polling place. That's where all the Red State Rebels who are sick of right-wing tyranny - but who can't speak out publicly - can make their voices heard next November. And we need to *roar*.

Retired in Ohio

Julie, I just heard abot your blog today on Kos. It's a pleasure to find another rebel! In what part of Ohio did you live? I saw that you graduated from Ohio U. That's another Dem island in what's currently a red state!

Ohio has lost a ton of manufacturing jobs since Bush II came to power. (I can't type got elected because I value the truth!) I'd currently place the odds at 50-50 that Dean can win Ohio in 2004. Keep up the great work for Dean and progressive ideals!

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