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William Ingram

Bush dropped the ball on the hunt for Osama? It seems to me that Osama is hiding out in caves and moving from small filthy village to smaller even filthier isolated village in fear of his life. Have you ever been to that part of the world? Maybe you should go and spend some time walking around the country and see if you can find anything. Get real people. Just because you hate (in this case – Bush) doesn’t mean that you appreciate that those you seem to hold as more intelligent. Well – those people hate YOU only because you are not Muslim and of Arabic decent.
Liberals want money thrown at educational problems so they can sleep at night. When that fails you just fall back on sending more money to again solve the problem. What is needed is a basic understanding of human motivations, not simplistic solutions that never work. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a sign of insanity and Liberalism.
Same thing goes for the Medicare bill. Know what motivates people instead of just feeling peoples pain. Pain is a great motivator for good. Letting slackers off the hook only makes those people lazy, whiny and more demanding of still more benefits that they have not worked to produce the results they want.
About the loss of jobs being higher than under Herbert Hoover – that part is true with the small note that the population of the United States of America had a population of less then 1/12th that of current US of A. Fact is Fact. Stupid comparisons by Liberal Elitism is also a fact.

Julie Fanselow

Welcome to the debate, William. Just so you know, though: I am no liberal elite. I have a college degree, but other than that, my family and I are middle-income working people who just want to see the rest of the country and the world do as well as we do -- nothing more.

David McLean

William, you're overlooking the fact that the current Bush administration is actually spending far more than any administration before it. Yet he's also cutting taxes after draining any surplus he inherited from the previous president.

Reagan did basically the same thing and left George Bush I to face the consequences.

So I'd say the Republicans are just as likely to do the same thing and expect different results.

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