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sharon in Idaho

I have to say I'm feeling very cynical about the whole thing -- how convenient that he gets capture just before Christmas, right after the Bush campaign decides that they're going to attack Dean directly in January.

Though of course now they're saying that Saddam really wasn't doing much these days, and that the *real* mastermind is still out there somewhere.

And how convenient that they also find a memo that 'proves' that one of the 9/11 guys was in contact with Saddam, and mentions the debunked Nigerian uranium shipment at the same time...

I hate that I can't trust my government.


To me, this begs the question: Did we really have to bomb the hell out of Baghdad and create chaos to achieve these ends?

Or, given Saddam's apparent political and military impotence, could we have won the same result though different means?

William Ingram

Being naive about life is just one shortcomings of Liberalism. I lived in that part of the world for close to 4 years and what I learned is that most of these people understand only one thing - life and death along with the power of ruling with the precise attitude of killing (not just eliminating your opposition) but outright killing, torture and subjugation of it people. Liberals need to learn about life and not try to deal with life as if it was easy, simplistic, idealistic or rational.

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