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Hi Julie -

Glad you brought this up. I was going to send you the link. There's certainly smoke there; I'm not sure there's enough to make me yell "fire," yet. I'm certainly no Kerry supporter (although I think a Kerry-Edwards ticket may turn out to be the Dems best shot at this point).

But it does seem like more evidence that the old political machines still have the power in national politics, and will continue to have it at least for another election cycle.

What has to be a trifle embarrassing to a lot of lefty bloggers is how quickly some people have abandoned the Dean bandwagon at the first signs of trouble, and now it has snowballed to the point that I seriously doubt he can recover. People need to have the courage of their convictions. The whole "electability" thing became a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially once it gained media traction.

It's really too bad. Karl Rove, et al, will make anything Kerry's people did in New Hampshire look like elementary-school playground stuff.


Jim from Oregon

Well, I keep thinking about a line from "All the President's Men." (The movie, not the book, BTW.)

Bob Woodward asks Deep Throat about Republican dirty tricks during the '72 primaries and Deep Throat tells him: "They wanted to run against McGovern. Look who they're running against."

I keep getting the same eerie feeling about Kerry. I think he's really the guy the GOP wants to run against.

I don't know whether Rove or Kerry is behind this, but either way it sucks.


I will NEVER vote for John Kerry. The list of people I will never vote for is fairly short:

Satan/Lucifer/the Devil
Orrin Hatch
John F Kerry
Joe Lieberman

All are evil in my book.



OK, Mr. MfD, I'm cool with you not wanting to vote for Kerry. But what will you do in the voting booth in November if your choice is GeeDubya or Kerry?
I am reminded of the lyric from that old Rush song: "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

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