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Kate in Oregon


Thanks so much for all your hard work in Iowa.

There's a home video of the now infamous speech at http://www.idiomstudio.com/ which backs up everything you have said.

When you see the governor's speech in the context of the crowd noise, it seems not only entirely appropriate, but also quite moving.


Jiminy Christmas, but stuff like this makes me cringe. I heard the "relevant" part of Dean's speech on the radio and never once thought "wow, that's weird," or "he sure sounds angry" or anything like that. I'm not even a Dean supporter. It wasn't until later that I started reading/hearing the journalism pack start (mis)characterizing the speech, and I had to shake my head and wonder if they were referring to the same clip I heard. It's like the 2000 campaign's "Al Gore lied about inventing the Internet" crapola all over again.
If this is what we have to look forward to through the summer and fall, it won't matter who gets nominated. Bush lies about being AWOL during his military service but nobody in the media cares. Dean dares to show exuberance in a crowd full of supporters and he's unhinged.

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