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sic transit, Julie. May the seeds you cast find fertile soil and blossom in November.


Good luck, Julie! I'll be rooting for you and Governor Dean, and glued to my TV on Monday.

Give 'em hope, Howard (and Julie)!!


Julie, if Iowa is anything like New Mexico, I was 43 and right in the middle -- there were lots of people my age, and a bunch older than I.

Hope you get to post! and say hi to Chris for me!

Julie -- in IOWA

Greetings from Council Bluffs. I seem to hjave forgotten my Typepad password (which I never need at home), so I'll just write here.

Sharon, you're right -- 40 is about the average age here, too. I decided to splurge on a night at the Best Western where we have our Storm welcome center, but tomorrow night I will probably head out the the Girl Scout camp where most of the Southwest Iowa stormers are staying.

I got here about 7 p.m. Chris arrived a few hours earlier. There are about 20 people working the phones, walking precincts, etc. Sunday and Monday, we'll distribute where-to-caucus door hangers.

The big task tonight, though, was to call people and remind them about the rally here tomorrow -- that's right, Dr. Dean and Sen. Harkin will be live at Council Bluffs' Wilson Jr High at 11:45 a.m. Saturday. (Maybe THIS time, I won't have to be in the overflow room like I was at the Ada County Dems dinner in October!)

I hear the race has tightened, but I have a good feeling that we'll prevail Monday.


Julie --

If you find the time and extra energy, It would be great if you and Chris could write up your excellent adventures and send 'em to www.idahofordean.com. I'd love some posts from Idahoans in Iowa about what's happening there.

It's gonna be a wild ride for the next few days. I'll be chewing my nails, my wife's and my son's before Monday evening rolls around.

Julie in Iowa

I am in WOODBINE, Iowa, population 1400, the smallest town with a Dean office in Iowa. It's dinner time and I've been pounding the streets all afternoon for Dean. A guy from Dutch radio followed me around awhile.

The office is here because a supporter donated the space. It's a former German bakery, and the door handle is a big pretzel!

Earlier today, I went to a rally with Dr. Dean and Tom Harkin in Council Bluffs. It rocked! ABC News was there, and the place was packed for Dean. I got my Storm pass signed by the doc, and I told him "Think winning thoughts!"

It's really hard to tell where the winds are blowing here, but I remain optimistic. I am going up to Onawa now (about an hour away) to stay at a supporter's B&B, then I'll come back here tomorrow to canvass some more.

Think winning thoughts for Dean!

Sagebrush Deanie

Thanks for the comments from Iowa. I've kind of tuned out of all the mass media hype surrounding the Iowa caucus, so it's nice to get an on-the-ground perspective.

Sharon in Idaho

Serephin, I posted a report that Chris dictated over the phone to me.

Julie in the Denver Airport

More soon...

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