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Sharon in Idaho

I'm running for precinct committeeman (the technical term for it) for precinct 117 in Ada County, Idaho. I expect I'll end up getting to meet all six Democrats in my town.:-) I don't have any website and don't plan to campaign per se; they tell me that most of these positions go vacant because people don't even run for them.

Julie in Idaho

Way to go, Sharon. These precinct positions are important. I know down here in TF County, we had several Deanocrats inspired to help fill them. This is the way the grassroots will grow - and you may find there are more than six Dems in Kuna!

Mark Solomon


I'm Mark Solomon and I'm running as a Democrat for the Idaho House, District 6A. I'm a former Latah county Commissioner, a welder/blacksmith/sculptor and a life-long environmental and peace activist. Issue-wise, I believe the 2001 I-want-to-be-like George-Bush tax cut has devastated the ability of government to function and education to teach in Idaho. The recent announcement by the University of Idaho that they will eliminate their entire fine arts program due to budget constraints was the final straw for me. I can be contacted at msolomon@moscow.com or PO Box 8145, Moscow, ID 83843. Website to soon follow.


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