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Hi everyone,

It's time to stand up for a Florida Democrat that I highly respect for her backbone against a right-wing nut of a Florida Republican House leader! Johnnie (Rotten) Byrd (R-Plant City), is notorious for his abuse of power in Tallahassee and greedy favors for donations brand of politics. Susan is in trouble for calling the dirty kettle...filthy! Story here: http://www.sptimes.com/2004/03/19/State/Democrat_s_cutting_re.shtml.

I'm asking everyone, regardless of Party affiliation to help my friend, Rep. Susan Bucher out of this mess:

1) Write a letter to the editor of your local Florida newspaper in support of Rep. Susan Bucher, D-Royal Palm Beach.

Concentrate on the following publications:

Palm Beach Post


Palms West Press

The Town-Crier

Boca Raton News

City Link

Miami Herald

Waterfront News

Business Journal

More state wide publications:

2) Send an e-mail/letter to your Florida House Representative:


and tell Majority Leader Johnnie Byrd (R-Plant City) to "knock it off" and stop electioneering at the expense of an honest public servant in Rep. Susan Bucher. She is one of the nicest Democrats I've ever met. She doesn't deserve this abuse. She is a Progressive Democrat that stands up for Children, Minorities, Women and Labor.

3) Send an e-mail message of support to Rep. Susan Bucher:

Let her/them know you are on Rep. Susan Bucher's side!

Pass this message on!

Thank You,

Rapid Media Response Team

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