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A year from now we will be screaming "election fraud" into the wind of derisive laughter coming from the Bush/Diebold alliance, wondering how poll after poll could put Bush 5-8 points behind but he could still pull out an electoral-vote majority. A year from now we will be shuddering to imagine what horrors this group might unleash during a term in which they have no re-election to worry about. A year from now, the world community will hold us, the American people, responsible for the actions of our leaders, because to them, we will have voiced our collective approval at the ballot box, fraud or no.

It could happen; we all should work to see that it doesn't.

Chris in Boise

Following on up on Brad's thought. In a year, if Bush is re-elected and especially if he steals the election, he will be completely alone, he will have no allies internationally expect for the Saudis and other dictators he can buy. There won't be a democratic government that will touch him with a ten foot pole, because in country after country, right wing governments that have gotten too close to Bush have been thrown out by their own people, most recently in India. The world is awake, and they won't fall for Bush's lies, even if Americans do.

Julie in Boise

So it won't be enough for Kerry to get a small lead; he'll need a double-digit lead in November to secure a decisive victory to discount the Diebold Effect.
Scary stuff, since Kerry can barely muster a few percentage points over Bush.

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