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sharon fisher

On Saturday we went to Melba for their parade and then to the senior center for their fried chicken dinner. Sunday we went to church and to the grocery store, then dropped off a sour cherry cobbler and some apricots to my neighbor in the nursing home, then dropped Maggie off at her dad's band performance at Edwards. Apparently she played drums on the last song and wished everyone a happy fourth of July, and his bandmates were teasing him about her upstaging him. Then they went to see fireworks. Sunday night I marched in the parade with the Democrats and was heartened by all the people cheering us (and apparently more Democrats marched than Republicans), though we were blasted with water cannons at one point -- and what bothered me was that they aimed a) at the candidates and b) at the children. I also met with Mike Wilson and agreed to work on his campaign for Ada County Commissioner.

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