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Sharon in Idaho

I went to the 4th of July parade in Melba (closest town to me with a parade) and wore my Kerry and Del Bunce buttons. Didn't get any comment. Tomorrow I'll be marching with the Democrats in the Boise parade, wearing my "I'm sorry about the president...I didn't vote for him" in seven languages t-shirt.

Sharon in Idaho

I marched in the Boise city parade with the Ada County Democrats. Mostly it was very gratifying, with lots of applause and so on, but we did get hit by water cannons at one point, and what was particularly reprehensible about that was that a) they aimed at the candidates and b) they aimed at the kids. Plus it was being professionally videotaped, presumably to look for reaction on our parts. But we had a *lot* more applause than water cannons.

Julie Fanselow


Thanks to you and the others for marching in the parade last night. Were the cannons just aimed at Dems? I hope not!

sharon fisher

Well, I only saw them aimed at us, so I don't know. I had to keep marching so I couldn't stay to watch.

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