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sharon fisher

Howard Dean as head of the DNC would be great but that's not going to happen in our lifetime.

I put my Kerry sticker on the car on Sunday. *Next* to the Dean one.

The most enthusiasm I can summon up for Kerry's choice is, he could have done a lot worse...

Julie Fanselow


Thanks for all your comments!

Other posts I could envision for Dean (taken from blogforamerica.com) are Secretary of Health & Human Services or ambassador to the UN.

Or maybe he could be a health care czar (though I hate that term) and work specifically on extending affordable health care to all Americans.

But I'd still love to see him head up the DNC.

Mormon for America

I am excited for the pick. I really think Kerry would have nailed his coffin shut with a Dean VP. The media, with Kerry's help, painted Howard into a corner he couldn't get out of.

However, Edwards adds something that Kerry desparately needed: life, energy, and eloquence.


sharon fisher

People were saying a while back that Howard Dean could be Surgeon General.

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