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Please cite examples of civil liberties that have been transgressed during Republican campaign events. I went to see the President twice and was never asked to pledge or sign anything. Thank you.

No More Mr. Nice Guy!


Like you, I was in a funk yesterday, but today I am grimly determined. We are now ALL red state rebels. Whether we live in Massachusetts, Kahlee-phoney-yah or anywhere in between, if we care about a decent, inclusive society - if we care about the American ideals of democracy, accountable government, and the rule of law - if we want to take this great country back - then we must all prepare to fight harder than ever over the next four years, starting today. We built up an incredible grassroots movement over the last few months - MoveOn, ACT, Election Protection etc. - we have to keep it going and never let it fade away, never let our guard down. It's going to be long, hard four years but failure is not an option!


Julie in Idaho

To Laura, above: Thanks for your post. The practice of making people sign loyalty oaths was prevalent at Cheney appearances. Here's one news account among many:


Moreover, there were many well-documented instances of people being asked to leave Bush events because they were wearing Kerry pins or even shirts with sentiments Bush's advance team disliked. Look under "Republicans see the light" and "Why Bush Must Go" in the October archives of this blog to read two such accounts, one written by a conservative for whom it was the last straw, another from a small-town woman in Oregon.

Peter Beinart of The New Republic wrote a recent column extensively documenting such practices, too. It's not accessible on the web without a TNR subscription, but you can read it in the print edition at your library - I'm guessing the October 25 issue.

Chris in Boise

Here's another article that documents people being kicked out of Bush events:



I would guess that if Kedwards had won, all the GOP supporters would be doing as much gnashing of teeth as you clowns seem to be doing. Face it, the better candidate captured the flag for another four years! I hope GWB doesn't do ANY sucking up to the donkey fuckers. He doesn't have to!!

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