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Great article!

Any chance you can list the 14 no votes? So far, can't find a recap or roll-call, and am concerned because the *only* Dem senator that wasn't on the no-list earlier today was Bert Marley, from over here in Bannock county.

OTOH, I'm tickled pink (double entendre unintended) with Sen. Malepeai's taking a stand. I'd heard he was being specifically targeted by some of the proponents. They felt that he could be pressured since his Pocatello consituents include a lot of LDS. Instead, he was well-quoted in a great article in the Journal, top front and center, explaining that we've passed bad exclusionary laws in the past (minorities, mormons, etc) and this wasn't something his principles would let him shift on.

Oh, and with that out of the way, what the *hell* will it take for Dems and newspapers to begin hammering Sen. Davis' legislation to undermine state open meeting laws and grant legislators extralegal privileges!? Talk about government run amok!


Never mind... got my answer when I finally found the 'all 7 dems' remark in your earlier story.


Great write-up, Julie! I'm so glad you were able to be there for the vote. An historic occasion, indeed.

Earlier today the press repeatedly wrote that it was 8 Republicans and 6 Democrats. I'm guessing you were correct, yes?

And let's be sure to thank all those who voted against this amendment, especially the Republicans. This meant a lot to our state.


Woo-hoo! Nice to see a moment of sanity, especially from such an unlikely spot as the Idaho Legislature! Wish their counterparts over here in Oregon had swallowed some of that Commonsense-aid last year. Instead, we have to hope the legal challenge to Measure 36 filed this week will find a toehold in the courts.

Julie in Boise

You know, I assumed all seven Dems voted no, but Marley may have said aye. I tried to catch all the votes but missed a few. Then I saw a Seattle P-I story online that said eight Republican voted no. I'll try to clear this up tomorrow ... but since I learned tonight I have a hard drive crash on my main laptop (grrrrrrrr), I may have to post here in the comments.

The Continental Op

This is terrific news. As a leftist fly fisher who aspires to live in Idaho some day, I'm always glad to have some evidence to show my skeptical friends and family that the entire state isn't one giant skinhead campground. Of course, I remember Sen. Frank Church, so I know better! Keep up the good fight.

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